Novara Expertise

All senior consultants have at least 14 years direct experience with Oracle’s E-Business Suite Financial Applications We have extensive experience developing extensions and customizations from version 10.6 through release 12.

We have successfully migrated customers from Unix such as AIX/HP-UX , Red Hat Linux to Oracle Linux.

Novara database administrators have numerous success stories on performing database upgrades of Oracle 10g database to Oracle Database 12c.

Novara has developed its own answer to comprehensive lights out database monitoring. We monitor everything from servers, to databases, to blocking locks, to CPU/IO expensive SQL statements. In terms of enabling your servers to work at peak capacity, we deliver I/O, memory, CPU and swap space utilization information. Our monitoring scripts have proven reliability at some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Solutions written by our experts are integrated with industry management consoles such as HP Openview, IBM Tivoli, and of course, Oracle Cloud Control.

Often, our E-Business Suite customers ask Novara consultants for assistance with their non-E-Business databases. Eager to help our customers, we have often catered a full-course professional database service, including: performance tuning, database upgrades , backup / recovery solutions , and infrastructure assessments.

Novara customers rely on our industry expertise and attention to detail. We build strong relationships with management and techinical personnel by providing documentation, mentorship and effective transitioning that is above and beyond industry expectations Quite simply, our customers return to us because we provide solid, quality work. Click here to inquire about our training program.

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