Novara Products

Novara Accelerated Project Entry

Oracle Projects provides a broad set of user interfaces to setup and maintain a project. Most of the navigation and control within the Oracle Projects provides excellent segregation of duties across all the typical project events such as costing, billing and reporting. This model requires user access and control that may not be needed for smaller organizations. Novara Accelerated Project Entry eliminates unneeded links, menus, tabs and pages that cost your users time and in some cases reduce the reliablity of project processes. Consider a new user interface that consolidates all project setup and control in a single form.

Novara Discoverer Utility Control Kit

Improve compliance of your Discoverer reports while allowing users the freedom to mine data from your E-Business Suite applications. The Novara Discoverer Utility Control Kit provides a new control point that keeps critical Discoverer workbooks current and protected from unauthorized changes. Improve the reliablilty of your Discoverer library of reports by adding the kit now.

Novara Custom Integrators for WebADI

Novara provides fully functional WebADI imports and exports that can minimize your need to build FTP file transfer systems and will simplify user processes for daily upload and download tasks. WebADI provides a superior interface for these tasks by controlling access with Oracle's E-Business Suite standard security while providing a full audit trail of how each interface was processed. Expand your use of WebADI to simplify your users experience and improve the reliablity of those essential interfaces.

Novara CEMLI Baseline for E-Business Suite R-12 Upgrades

Organizations that plan to upgrade their current E-Business Suite applications can benefit from our 360 degree view of application objects. Having a full list of customized forms, reports, tables and procedures will provide your technical team with the information they will need to migrate and enable those customization after the R-12 upgrade. Gaps in existing customizations and the essential mapping to new R-12 objects is revealed in a matrix of dependencies that will shorten the time needed for your upgrade.